Steps on How To Make Spaghetti

How To Make Spaghetti – Step by Step Guide

How To Make Spaghetti: Before getting started with how to make spaghetti we would like to know you some facts, spaghetti is a popular Italian Pasta recipe named as spaghetti and it is also known as Pasta and Noodles etc. It is a thin, long, cylindrical in shape and is made from milled wheat and water. Italian Spaghetti is mostly made from durum wheat semolina, elsewhere it may be made from different flours. So that’s the quick facts about Spaghetti, now let’s get started with our ‘How To Make Spaghetti’.

How To Make Spaghetti

Ingredients for Spaghetti Recipe

Ingredients for 450gm Spaghetti for 4-5 servings
450gm or 1Pack of Dried Spaghetii
16 Cups or 4 Quarts Water (for every 100 gm 4 Cups)
1 tablespoon Salt to taste

Sauce Recipe Here: Spaghetti Sauce Recipes

Steps on How To Make Spaghetti Sauce

Step 1: Put a Pot of Cold Water over Stove to Boil.

Step 2: Put Salt in Water Per Servings.

Step 3: Break the Spaghetti from hands and pour into the boiled water.

Step 4: Use a Fork to Stir the Spaghetti for a while then allow to spaghetti to boil.

Step 5: After 5 Minutes Low the heat and allow the spaghetti to cook.

Step 6: Stir The Spaghetti Occasionally  until it Turns Soft.

Your Spaghetti is Ready to Serve it with Spaghetti Sauce.

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